Trends in Web Development

Almost everyone with a business or sort of online presence has accepted that a website is the way to go. However, not all people have embraced the most recent elements of web development. Having a website is not enough; it is essential that it embraces the latest and trending elements of web design.

Such tools include the following.

Progressive Web Apps

Abbreviated as PWA, these are design tools that make a site appear like a mobile application but still behave like a web page. This tool seeks to leverage on the continuous gravitating internet users towards the mobile phone as the preferred internet access device.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Accelerated Mobile PagesThis is a Google-owned tool that seeks to increase the speed at which web pages load. An AMP takes two seconds on average to load. Its counterpart, the standard page, could take up to 20 seconds to load.

It is no secret that the time a site takes to load has an immense effect on how users perceive it. It is said that users will typically not linger on a page beyond seven seconds, waiting for it to load. In this light, the AMP tool becomes a need rather than a luxury.

Voice Search Optimisation

This began as a way of helping people with disabilities, but it is fast becoming a mainstream tool. It is projected that voice searches will rise to the region of 20% of all web requests in 2020. This tool is important given technological devices are becoming smarter in the listening area each day.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence

The internet has made businesses global, meaning they are serving people in different time zones. In the interest of a 24-hour presence, the use of artificial intelligence tools in web development has allowed businesses to stay in service without incurring too much cost, especially in client support.