Characteristics of Good Web Design

If you are in business you should always think of your website as the first place that your potential customers visit to get an impression of you. This means that you should have a great website design that not only attracts them but also makes them interact more with your content. Some of the characteristics of a great website design are:


Your website should be simple enough for people to understand what you are trying to communicate. This means that the language and sentence structure should be simple enough for your targeted audience to know what you are talking about. The font and general appearance of the site should not be too complicated for people to understand.

Quick Loading Time

There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web, and nobody wants to spend time waiting for one to load. If your site does not open within the first seven seconds, chances are that the person who clicked on it will move to the next site. The photos and videos that you use should be compressed, and you should choose a website template that loads easily.

Website Design mobileMobile Friendly

In this day and age, you should ensure that the website design you use is accessible to people who are using mobile devices such as tabs and mobile phones. The site should allow for a mobile version to be visible so that you can be accessed anywhere at all times.

Easy Usability

A good website design is one that can easily be navigated through. The icons should be clearly labelled and the search button should be visible enough for people who want to find items on your website. You should also have your contact details on the website for people who want to make inquiries or connect with you further. If you are not sure of how to go about it, you should consider hiring a web designer.